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Added on April 22, 2014

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Icon2014 blockbuster epic hero cards, you absolutely can not miss, the boutique in the boutique!★ ★ game background story meteorite fall speed, ending a prosperous land of Rune hundreds of years! Meteorites has tremendous and mysterious force, breaking the ultimate seal runes, suddenly out of the numerous band of light, caught up all the heroes! And you, as a Summoner, bring a lucky break saved three survivors Galen, Alvarez, Eich catch heroes lift the seal for the journey!★ ★ kinds of heroes with exclusive stunt hundreds of heroes, exotic props eleven cards converge into the hands of every hero all have their own characteristics, unique ornate skills. More powerful captain professional skills, strong in every battle to reverseimage the situation.★ ★ exciting battle to shock without the need for excessive operation, extremely exciting to be a sword to sword show in the next Summoner’s strategizing. The combination of a variety of different formations, completely free formation configuration make every battle full of variables, David and Goliath! Powerful rolling! A variety of exciting waiting for you to win the victory.★ ★ strange hurdles copy copy followed step by step to explore the land of Rune chaos secret. A huge number of enemies? Do not be afraid, there is often a hero to come to assist in the work associated Moe. Enemy capabilities tricky? Do not worry, but to challenge a copy to enhance their strength, step by step toward the peak.★ ★ unlimited potential to develop the game, not only the hero can strengthen their grades and skills, but also when the level reaches the extreme form into a higher order to regain greater potential and ability. More can collect valuable property in the essence of the game, the hero will improve even more rare powerful, invincible.”Ah loo loo” is the theme of a hero class leisure pushing towers card game, the game original lineup battle mode, a combination of different types of hero units, by strengthening and Advanced heroes make their unrivaled access to a powerful force, become strongest!”Ah loo loo” for the players to bring the most straightforward of the most gorgeous hero Battle!Original lineup card game battle mode, up to 3 show the path down the road of comprehensive middle road win for the victory, the game also both selected service system, the battle system, strengthening systems, the Arena system, backpack system, friend system, to bring players the most straightforward of the most gorgeous hero Battle! And now, the player is the new land of Rune Summoner, under the command of heroes led into the “ah loo loo” This exciting and challenging magic continent, to fight for the victory and glory, and ultimately become the strongest king!For more information, please visit:official Web site:  official fan page:  service hotline: +852 81758099 Hong Kong Hotline: 81758099 Taiwan Hotline: 0277455511 Customer Service E-mail:

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