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Added on February 25, 2013

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First Gingerbread, then came Honeycomb, followed by Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean. Now, it’s time for Key Lime Pie! No, we are not talking about desserts. These are Android operating system code names and Google employees confirmed that the next version will be called Key Lime Pie. Recently, a leaked document about the release date of Key Lime Pie went viral. If the rumors are correct, then the next major Android update will be released sometime during the second quarter of 2013. Here is a roundup of all the rumors surrounding Key Lime Pie.

Key Lime Pie (Latest Android OS)

We can almost taste the goodness!

Devices that will support Key Lime Pie

Rumors about devices running the next version of Android started way back in 2012. Initially, it was thought that an updated 4 inch Nexus will be the first phone to be powered by Key Lime Pie. But now, the leaked documents reveal that the Motorola X will be the phone to boast the new operating system. According to some industry observers, the X phone will have a 5 inch LCD screen without bezels and that the screen will cover from edge to edge. The leaked documents also show us that two other phones powered by the Snapdragon processors are under development. These obviously point to the next Nexus phones and it could be unveiled at Google’s next IO. Evolution of Android uptil Key Lime Pie

Expected features of Key Lime Pie

Google hasn’t revealed details about released date, nor the features. But this hasn’t stopped the speculations and wish lists. Here are some of the features that are expected to be included in the next version of Android.

  • Profiles for independent tasks – When Samsung released Jelly Bean update for Galaxy and Note, a performance management system was included. We expect to see a similar tool integrated in the next version of Android. Rather than having multiple applications and push notification daemons running in the background, it would be useful to see a profile that can be used for gaming, so that it give the maximum CPU time to the game engine. Similar profiles can be used for sleep and airplane modes.
  • Better social media integration – Most of the smartphone operating systems have social media integration, but Android doesn’t support this out of the box. There have been a lot of rumors about Google+ and Twitter integration on Android. If this is true, we can see in-app sharing features on the next version of Android.
  • Video chat client – Almost all high end Android powered smart phones have a front facing camera. So, rather than resenting to third party applications, it would make a lot more sense if a video chat app is included in Key Lime Pie.
  • Support for multiple devices – With tablets PCs being powered by Android, it is common to own more than one Android device. So, Google might add multiple device support where you can play a video on one device, pause it and continue watching it on another device.
  • Better contact management – Key Lime Pie is also expected to have an updated contacts portal, where multiple contacts can be selected and dialed at the same time for conference calls.

These are the rumors and speculations about Key Lime Pie. Features in the final release may vary.

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