AMD Catalyst™ Display Driver 13.2 Beta 6 out now!

Added on February 19, 2013

Category: PC News

Almost 2 weeks after beta 5 AMD has mysteriously released its new display driver, Catalyst 13.2 beta 6. This should come as great news for PC gamers (specifically owners of AMD graphic cards) who were experiencing below-par performance and/or stuttering in games. This drivers claims to have severely improved Crossfire performance of high-end cards on various games.

AMD Catalyst Display Drivers

It is known there have will be performance improvements in games like Crysis 3, Far Cry 3, Firefall and DmC (Devil May Cry) for single-card owners as well but the percentage is not yet known. Catalyst 13.2 Beta 6 display drivers made their debut on the 18th of February. If you want to give the beta drivers a go you can download them from:

AMD Catalyst 13.2 Beta 6 Direct Download

If the above link does not work you can always download the drivers from AMD Graphics Drivers & Software by selecting your operating system and graphic card.

We would love to hear what kind of performance gains you saw from these drivers and if they are better than Catalyst 13.2 beta 5 and Catalyst 13.1.

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