Android Autokiller Memory Optimizer

Added on December 24, 2011

Category: Android Tweaks

Autokiller Memory Optimizer is an application that optimizes your Android phones on two fronts,

1) It helps with suggesting preset minfree values for your Android device and using the selected on startup, without having to execute any scripts, and,

2) Adds additional Android OS tweaks on startup, including tweaking values for memory, battery, gprs/edge/3g, IO and a couple others.

Our personal experience with Android Autokiller Memory Optimizer has been fantastic. We have noticed increased memory at all times, better multi tasking, device / Android OS responsiveness increase, way improved battery life, better gaming experience and decreased force closes.

Our experience is on a Desire Z running ILWT CM 7.1 nightly.

We highly recomend this software for users wanting to increase performance on their devices without much hassle. It really is plug and play, so go ahead try out the free versions prior to purchasing.

Android Market Link – Autokiller Memory Optimizer

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