Best Launchers and Customization Apps

Added on December 26, 2011

Category: Android Tweaks > Top Charts

Android Launchers /  addons / customization / flavors / add much more custom user interface and performance benefits to your android devices. This is the best part about having an Android device, make it feel like home to yourself. These options include,

1. Adding an Android Custom ROM
2. Adding an Android Launcher
3. Android Messaging Client
4. Android Dialer App
5. Android Email Clients
6. Custom Android Keyboards
7. Themes / Wallpapers
8. Android Camera Apps
9. Android Browsers

Our favorites for all the Categories mentioned above in respective order, including the best free Android Launcher:

1. Custom ROM ILWT CM7 297
2. GoEX Launcher
3. Handcent SMS
4. Default Dialer on CM7
5. Profimail Email Client
6. Smart Keyboard Pro
7. Default with a wallpaper of choice
8. Camera FX
9. Default Android browser


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