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Added on December 20, 2011

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Android OS is smart enough to manage the memory to run / kill / store states for apps by default, but we have doubts if it does it efficiently, rather efficiently enough compared to what some Android developers and tweakers have on offer with their apps or scripts. This openness of the Android OS is what we appreciate and makes us choose Android OS to be our smartphone OS of choice. Also, something to point out is, a few custom ROMs already offer Android Memory / MINFREE Tweaks out of the box – you should read out about this in the custom log / details of the specific ROMS and you’ll most popularly find scripts by either Juwe or the V6.

With an array of android memory management  and android task management apps and scripts available, it’s really difficult to find the right direction. That includes understanding the scope of each of the two – “Android Memory Management” and “Android Task Management”.

Android Memory Management – Android OS has some memory values pre-defined, which identify to the OS, how to manage apps such as, when to close them or what to close, based on these threshold memory values and identifying a priority to each type of app. With advanced users, this is more generally called MINFREE and OOM Values. You can use apps or scripts to change these settings to something that suits your usage – example profiles for easy understanding, Multi-tasking, Optimum, Aggressive,  Gaming, etc. Behind each of these profile names, there’s a set of MINFREE Ram values that the Android OS uses to manage memory on your device. The above can be executed using apps or scripts from various Android developers and mileage and performance to each of them may vary, depending on the additional tweaks they build in to their procedures.

Top Selected Apps and Scripts to Manage your Android’s Memory and MINFREE Values

- AutoKiller Memory Optimizer

- Auto Memory Manager

- Juwe Memory Script

- V6 Memory Script

Android Task Management – Android Task Management app is simply an app that lets you manage the tasks and services running on your device. Depending on the app you’ve chosen, you get the value addition and management options. Some commonly used features include, Memory each app or service is using, General Memory Overview of your System including SD Card / Phone Memory, Killing an App, Killing All Apps, Killing Selected Apps and Killing Apps which are not put on the Ignore List (this is the best option to free up your RAM with keeping some selective apps you use frequently open at all times). Some of these apps offer you widgets that can be placed on the home-screens, that let you execute options like any of the above mentioned options or open the app.

Top Selected Android Task Management Utilities

- ES Task Manager

- Auto Task Killer

- Auto Task Manager

Look forward to our next post, which will give an overview of each android memory management script and memory management apps, including their download links.

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