App or Website: Which Works Best?

Added on June 24, 2015

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An online approach to business is imperative in today’s fibre-optic lined, terabyte-tinged digital world, and countless companies now owe their acclaim and success to what was once a beeping modem, and what is now a near-seamless, globally-stretching network utilised by over three billion people every year. For online businesses in 2015 though, deciding what sort of electronic path to tread can be a difficult one, especially when it comes to deciding between apps and sites.


Today’s computing landscape is very different to the kind that existed in years previous. No longer is the market dominated by PCs, laptops and the like, these being replaced instead by mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are now enormous forces in the digital world, and as a result the programs that run on them, applications, have been seen as one of the best ways for companies to approach and engage with an increasingly large and diverse customer base. This explosion in apps has been tempered somewhat though, as many companies are simply altering their websites and formatting them in a manner that makes them appear great from mobile devices.

Which is a better direction to embark upon though? Let’s first look at apps. Whilst these programs require users to search and download them prior to use, meaning that no one is simply going to chance upon an app whilst browsing the net, these one-stop portals provide customers with everything they need, all in one place. Gaming providers such as Sloto Cash know all about this incredibly useful effect endemic within applications; players can browse games, withdraw and deposit cash, contact customer service and much more, all from one safe, secure platform. Apps are less likely to be hacked or targeted by malicious ‘copycat’ sites too, and their presence on the user’s home screen of their phone or tablet will act as an ever-present advert for the company and app themselves, potentially boosting engagement levels.

That’s not to say that mobile sites are out for the count though. Mobile sites are compatible across all devices, regardless of make or model, unlike some apps that can only be used on a particular mobile operating system. Websites are also constantly available to potential customers; instead of having to download the app, anyone can access the site with the correct web address, and as such the sites can also be shared via social media – a very important driving force for any e-business’ development and success. A very important point to take in to account as well is that mobile sites are also far, far cheaper to develop, compared to an app – this could prove a hurdle for younger start-ups and companies.

App or website? Well, it’s very much up to the business or entrepreneur themselves, and both are known to provide dividends for companies. Which do you prefer? Let us know your thoughts below.

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