Avenger APK for Android

Added on August 7, 2012

Category: Android Games


Size: 8.9MB

Requirements: Android version 2.1 and higher

Price: Free

Overview: Awesome ACT-game is here! Avenger is a classic action game for Android phones and tablets. Download the Avenger APK now!

The same game of “Castle of Shadows” but more fluent and easy playing.You can play without internet,without Log.

Powerful weapons, magnificent skills, smooth gameplay and awesome graphics…


After the war between justice and evil, the devils who was defeated built a castle using the power of darkness to enslave human, they wants to use human’s depravity to destroy this world!!

Is there a hero coming to save this world?
Is the final outcome salvation? Or doom?
It’s all in your hands!

Defeat your fears, open the heavy gate of the castle to let the light conquer the darkness once again …


Download Avenger APK from Google Play:


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