Top 5 Best Android Apps; 14th August 2012

Added on August 14, 2012

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This is our list of the top 5 best free apps available for Android for the month of August, 2012.

The list covers many useful apps for such as Camera to PDF, cool Live wallpapers and other nifty apps you should definitely have on your phone or tablet. So you can decide which apps to spend your hard-earned money on, or which free apps to not miss out on!


5. CamScannerCamScanner-icon

Turn phone to document scanner with CamScanner Phone PDF Creator for Android phones and tablets.

” I scan newspapers articles to keep as file and share it on the internet and scan personal docs to my own records. It as simplify my everyday tasks! ” — Zed Ruger



4. Splashtop 2 HD

The famous iOS remote desktop connection app has finally arrived on Android. Users can rejoice by controlling their desktops on their phones and tablets in HD.

This App is a must have if you need to take control of your computer from remote locations or just to make things more convenient around the house.


3. Satellite Live Wallpaper

Get an HD view of Earth from Space with this extremely cool Live wallpaper for your Android devices. It will make your home screen unique! Updated every few hours, you can have the birds eye view of Earth from space with real weather and day/night effects.



2.  Day of Ubuntu Live Wallpaper

Another live wallpaper making it in our top 5 best apps list. This one is a very vivid and beautiful abstract live wallpaper based on the ‘Day of Ubuntu’ gnome background. Try it, we guarantee you will keep this on your Android home screen for a long time!



1. Trello

Fog Creek Software has come up with easiest way to organize everything you can think of with Trello!

Whether you’re planning a surprise birthday party for your best friend, writing an epic screenplay, tracking million-dollar sales leads, or just making a list of stuff to get done this weekend, Trello makes sure you’re organized and on top of it all.

It provides you with a flexible user interface to work with makes the process extremely quick, easy and painless (no pun intended). Easy organizer, to-do lists and many other features in this sweet free app.

If you have a habit of forgetting or just looking to get more organized, Trello is for you.



This concludes our list of the best Android apps for August 2012. Bookmark us for more upcoming list of the best Android games and apps. Browse around for a great selection of games and apps.


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