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Added on May 9, 2012

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So we’ve moved into a few years of using Android phones, yet the question is still there, which is the best Android keyboard app out there. And with time new innovative concepts take over. So the question is which is the best Android Keyboard App of 2012?  There are quite a few choices out there right now but we will only be briefly reviewing:

  1. Go Keyboard;
  2. Smart Keyboard PRO;
  3. and Swiftkey 3 Keyboard;

in our round-up of the Best Android Keyboards of 2012. (Updated July 2012)

We, using Android phones very frequently for typing, have realized that pace typing is possible on touch screens, but which is the best keyboard.

We recently tested the following keyboards and still couldn’t find a better than our previous best, which we will share below.

1. Go Keyboard (Click to Download)

Go Keyboard is a very promising keyboard which offers you the swipe functionality combined with regular tapping. Although what’s made us reduce some points off it is the autocorrect and prediction, which wasn’t the best we have used.


Go Keyboard

2. SwiftKey 3 Keyboard (Click to Download)

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard, again was promising till it started to show its weaknesses in prediction and autocorrection. The keyboards holds promises after a final version is launched. The best initiate by the team was the addition of a full spacebar instead of the small keyboard they were using previously.  People can comment their interest in the same and we at Tech-Trip will try to convey the interest to the developers.


Swiftkey X for Android


3. Smart Keyboard Pro (Click to Download)

We have spoken about Smart Keyboard Pro many a times in the past as well, but we still think this is the winner with its wonderful autocorrection and prediction features, the clean layout with just the correct balance of options on the keyboard, no settings key on the keyboard (making sure, there is no wastage of the little space we have on our screens). In a nutshell, it never overburdens with stuff you are not expecting on a keyboard app and keeping it clean, simple and efficient. Go for Smart Keyboard Pro if you are looking for a smooth typing experience.

Smart Keyboard Pro for Android

Best Android Keyboard App 2012 Winner  - A fair tie between Smart Keyboard Pro and SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

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