The Best Casino Games that Don’t Require Much Skill

Added on March 22, 2014

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Feeling Lucky? The Best Games that Don’t Require Much Skill

When it comes to luck games newbies, one can find loads of resources online – guides on how to have a better start, what strategies to adopt and so on. Little do people know about what exact games to begin with. We consider it’s important to have a great start with these games, so it gives you enough motivation to keep it going and to actually have the resources to go on. For this reason, we will reveal to you the best games suitable to newbies, that don’t require much skill.

1. Table Games: Blackjack

Table Game

 It’s easy to come across table games. Traditional casinos dot most cities and many feel tempted to give this a try. It is up to you whether you will go for these or not. It has been claimed that, with table games, there are better odds than with the slots. However, many do require some learning and some skill. You don’t have to go for a Texas Hold ‘Em poker tournament though. Better learn Blackjack, it’s one of the easiest games you will find in a casino and gives you the best chance at winning. You will compete with the dealer only, as your unique opponent. Learn the Blackjack rules and the strategy here.

2. Slot Games – Easy and Varied

It’s no rocket science to play a slots game. These are all based on the same principles and there is so little to learn. Besides, the algorithm behind the game pretty much gives equal chances to anyone at winning. There couldn’t be a better and easier way to start testing your luck. Plus, you have a very rich offering at hand – there are countless amazing games, which will entice you with their different theme, graphics, sounds. You can look for one that uses your favorite movie as theme, for example. Our recommendation is to try the slot games at Ceasar’s Casino, like the cute Armadillo Artie, the enticing Alladin’s Legacy (below), the familiar Fruit Party or the thrilling Vampires vs. Werevolves.

Slot Games

3. The Roulette

It’s fancy and it’s fun – you see the roulette as a focal point in so many movies that involve a casino. Just bet on your favorite numbers and you will have a chance to get quite a decent pay off. Try to bet only on Reds or on Blacks, because that improves your chances considerably. Also, you can easily double the sum if you selected red and it lands on red. Want to play the roulette online for money? Try the Roulette on Net version.

The Roulette

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