Boomlings MatchUp Game Review

Added on February 19, 2013

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Another extremely addictive puzzle game was recently released for Android and iOS (Apple iPhone, iPad etc.). From the creators of the popular Boomlings puzzle game, RobTop Games, it comes in the form of Boomlings MatchUp. The objective of the game was a bit different from the previous release. You have to arrange different color Boomlings to match the pattern shown at the bottom of your screen. Here is a screenshot of one of the levels.

Boomlings Matchup Review

This game has a very short learning curve for players of all ages like most puzzle games. You can pick it up and start playing right away! There is also a great mini tutorial that will help you get started quickly.

Now this is not your usual matching blocks puzzle game where you have to arrange 4 in a row. In this you are given a required pattern at the bottom of your screen and then you have to arrange the Boomlings in that order. You get 3 stars for completing the level in the lowest number of moves which shouldn’t be too hard at all. Whereas getting 2 stars should be really easy, even for beginners. There is no requirement to get stars to move onto the next level, you just have to arrange the Boomlings in the correct order/pattern even if you exceed the number of moves required for 1 star. This makes it a great game for casual gamers, looking to have something to play while on the go.

The cute, cuddly and funny animations of the Boomlings are nicely done and are pretty smooth even on low-end Android devices which makes this game playable with any phone or tablet. Each different color Boomling has a different facial expression. They are definitely very amusing and saves the game from getting too monotonous. Great controls, funny music and decent sound effects also guarantee that you will have a fun experience playing this game.

More features like a survival mode where there was a timer would definitely make the game more interesting. But we still rate it as a must play. Showing the current number of moves on-screen should help a lot of players like us decide what to do (or what not to do) next to get 3 stars. Hoping RobTop Games adds the latter feature in their next update of the game.

Boomlings Matchup Review

The free version of Boomlings Matchup will keep you entertained for many, many hours! And if you still think you need more, you can get the premium version to unlocks tons of extra levels to keep you busy even longer! If you are a fan of puzzle/brain games, we suggest giving the Boomlings series a try. The games are free and provide lots of hours of fun to players of all ages.

Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

Download the free version of Boomlings MatchUp from Google Play.

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