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Added on August 11, 2012

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Price: Free

Size: 2.1MB

Requirements: Android version 1.5 or higher

Price: Free

Overview: Find out your brain age with Brain Age Test for phones and tablets with Android version 1.5 and up.


  • Simple yet addicting app which tests your brain age base on your game performance.
  • Improves and tests your short-term memory and brain age. Shows you exact age of your brain.
  • Try this Brain Age Analyzer and detect your brain age.
  • Calculate your mental age and draw more information out of your brain.
  • Cut your brain age and be the younger brain in the world!
  • Note: You should move/install app to phone if you want to use our widget


Follow the instructions below.

  • You may post your results to global scoreboard and compare with other player from all over the world.
  • Don’t be angry at your brain age results, simply continue use it for about 10 minutes each day and you will notice great improvements shortly.
  • You can track your progress and improvements on the progress screen.

The best app for kids, girls, boys, women, men, all ages and genders! If you are a kid, a boy, a girl, a man, a woman or love space and puzzles you’ll love Brain Age Test
How to play instructions:

You can have 3 failure attempts until the test finishes and you will see your results.

When the test runs you will see a set of bubbles with numbers for a short time that you should memorize (activating your brain short-term memory).

After the numbers disappear you have to tap each bubble in their corresponding numbers ascending order.

When the test finishes you can post the result to the scoreboard and see others results.

Please, specify your country, soon we are going to make a contest for the smartest country in the galaxy!


Download Cordy Sky APK from Google Play:

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