Bubble Scoop APK for Android

Added on June 9, 2012

Category: Android Games

Android Requirements: Android 2.2 and Higher Especially Tegra 3 Devices

Overview: Bubble Scoop is a cheery variation on the classic match-3 puzzle game genre. Shoot scoops of ice cream from an ice cream truck, and match scoops of the same color to remove them from the board. Clear levels to win stars, and collect all the cherries to make a sundae and complete each level.

Frozen Challenge

But you need to be quick. More ice cream keeps arriving, and if the scoops reach the bottom of the board, it’s game over. At higher levels, you’ll find new colors, frozen scoops, faster pacing, and other hazards.

With 90 different levels of increasing difficulty, Bubble Scoop starts out easy, but will challenge players of all ages. Can you unlock all the levels and earn three stars in every one?

Bubble Scoop is fun for casual gamers of any age and great for kids. Every level you complete is automatically saved, so you can pick up and play anytime and not lose your progress. Bubble Scoop is calorie-free and guaranteed not give you an ice cream headache.

Unfortunately, the game you’re looking for has been discontinued by the Developer / Google Play Store.


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