Custom ROMS

Added on December 26, 2011

Category: Android Tweaks

The thing about Android most mid to advavanced smartphone users like is to be able to customize their Android devices. You can very heavily customize your devices to what you like – customizations include and obviously are not limited to adding a custom ROM. More about ROMS and Custom ROMS below,

ROMS and Custom ROMS

Something most advanced users like to do first thing after getting their devices. Like most of us know Android OS is built on Linux and hence open source. There’s a huge developer community always working on their custom versions of the Android OS versions for popular devices. These are called custom ROMS, offering lots of performance tweaks, additional apps and options to change more features than most stock ROMS offer. Generally the custom ROMS offer huge performance enhancements, hence the popularity. You need to root your devices to be able to install these on your device. One great source to learn more about rooting and custom ROMS available for your device is XDA Forums. Most popular Custom ROMS flavors include Cyanagen Mod (CM) and MIUI. You will also find developers taking up these popular custom ROMS and adding more value and performance enhancements to them, example ILWT CM 7 and Bulletproof MIUI.

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