Dota 2 patch adds Bristleback, new snail courier, minor UI updates and tons of gameplay fixes

Added on March 29, 2013

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Fans of Dota 2 will be delighted to hear that Bristleback has finally made its way to the huge list of heroes. In the latest update Valve have made many gameplay fixes, some UI updates, added a cool new snail courier and the biggest change comes in the form of Bristleback! A snot throwing half-man and half-pig. Bristleback is a very durable tank who also happens to be an awesome initiator.

Here are all the skills of the new hero called Bristleback:

Bristleback in Dota 2.


Viscous Nasal Goo

Covers a target in snot, causing it to have reduced armor and movement speed. Multiple casts stack and refresh the duration.

Range: 600

Duration: 5

Armor Reduction: 1/1/2/2

Movement Speed Reduction per Cast: 20% and +3%/+6%/+9%/+12%

Quill Spray

Sprays enemy units with quills dealing damage in an area of effect around Bristleback. Deals bonus damage for every time a unit was hit by Quill Spray in the last 10 seconds.

Radius: 625

Duration: 10

Base Damage: 20/40/60/80

Stack Damage: 30

Damage Cap: 400

Bristleback (Passive)

Bristleback takes less damage if hit on the sides or rear. If Bristleback takes 250 damage from the rear, he releases a Quill Spray of the current level.

Reduced Damage (Rear): 16%/24%/32%/40%

Reduced Damage (Side): 8%/12%/16%/20%


Bristleback works himself up into a fury every time he casts a spell, increasing his movement speed and damage. The first stack (base) provides larger bonuses.

Duration: 10

Base Bonus Movement Speed: 5%/7%/10%

Base Bonus Damage: 20/25/30

Stack Bonus Movement Speed: 1%/2%/3%

Stack Bonus Damage: 20/25/30

A couple of new couriers have also been added and some changes have been made to the user interface. You will also be glad to hear that a ton of gameplay fixes have also been made.

Dota 2 Snail Courier

The new gooey snail courier.

Dota 2 players can turn on Steam and open Dota 2 to automatically update to the latest version.


Here is a full list of changes Valve have made to Dota 2 in this patch:

  • Added Bristleback!


  • Broodmother: Fixed Insatiable Hunger cooldown on level 1 and 3.
  • Dragon Knight: Fixed Dragon Blood armor bonus not carrying over to Illusions.
  • Dragon Knight: Fixed Elder Dragon Form frost slow getting dispelled when target initially becomes Magic Immune.
  • Doom: Fixed Doom damage being blocked by Pipe.
  • Enchantress: Fixed Nature’s Attendants lasting 1 second less than intended.
  • Huskar: Fixed Life Break leap moving too fast.
  • Magnus: Fixed Shockwave hitting units behind you.
  • Mirana: Fixed Mirana’s Leap range being slightly too short.
  • Nyx Assassin: Fixed Impale traveling too far.
  • Phantom Lancer: Fixed being able to have 1 juxtapose illusion too many
  • Razor: Fixed Static Link break range being 25 too short.
  • Shadow Shaman: Fixed Shackles doing a little less damage than intended.
  • Slark: Fixed Pounce not initiating an attack order on the leashed target.
  • Spectre: Fixed a case where leaving and rejoining the Spectral Dagger path could cause Spectre to temporarily lose no-collision.
  • Templar Assassin: Fixed Meld buff getting dispelled.
  • Visage: Fixed Familiars not getting affected by Chronosphere.
  • Weaver: Fixed being The Swarm units being unable to Latch onto sleeping units.
  • Weaver: Fixed The Swarm getting permanently dispelled if the enemy is invulnerable .
  • Weaver: Fixed the Swarm units not doing their initial attack immediately upon latching.
  • Added Psuedo Random chance for Roshan’s Bash.
  • Fixed Eye of Skadi frost slow getting dispelled when target initially becomes Magic Immune.
  • Fixed Diffusal Blade proccing multiple damage instances.
  • Fixed heroes flickering on the minimap when walking by Sentry Wards while under Smoke of Deceit.
  • Fixed Shiva’s Guard negative attack speed aura not working on Magic Immune units


  • Pausing in a practice or tournament game now prevents the team that paused from querying units, moving the camera or accessing the shop.
  • Added ability and item notes, detailed tooltips that will display only if ALT is pressed.
  • Adjusted Replay Highlight scene leadin time a bit.
  • Arcane Boots now has ‘mana’ as a shop alias.
  • Wisp name change to Io.
  • Added 10 second rewind button to replay controls.
  • Spectator Items panel now takes up less space and shows items ordered by value.
  • Steam friends can be added, removed, and friendship requests confirmed/ignored from within Dota 2.
  • Added “Select unit under mouse” keybind for Spectators
  • Fixed drag-selection being broken sometimes.


  • New Vengeful Spirit model
  • Added in-game models for when the following items are dropped from inventory into the world: Gem of True Sight, Observer Wards, and Sentry Wards


  • Added Bounty Hunter bot.
  • Significantly revised how Roam mode works internally.


  • Revised Beastmaster’s voice.


  • Added the Treasure Key of the Cursed Wood and the Treasure Key of the Shaper Divine.
  • Several old keys have returned to the store along with a very low drop rate for some older community chests.
  • The current set of community crates will no longer expire, but their drop rate will be decreased over time and their rarity increased over time.
  • Added new sets for Brewmaster, Lich, Riki, Juggernaut, Beastmaster, and Spectre.
  • Added a couple new couriers!

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