Phase Out! APK for Android

Added on June 25, 2012

Category: Android Games

Price: $0.99

Size: 2.1M

Android Requirements: Android 2.0.1+ Including all Android Devices

Overview: Introducing Phase Out, a new rummy-type card game for Android! Based on shanghai rummy!

Phase Out features the fun-filled strategic gameplay popularized by other commercial rummy adaptations like Phase 10. Make your way through various stages, satisfying unique requirements for each stage to progress. Be the first player to complete all of their stages to phase out your opponents and become the winner!

-Go head to head with up to 3 other players

-Challenge the computer, or pass and play with your friends on one device

-Choose from two preset game modes, or tweak the rules to create your own unique experience

-Save your favorite game modes and easily replay them whenever you want

-Need to take a break during a game? Save your game and pick up right where you left off later!

Download Phase Out! APK from Google Play:

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