Shine Runner APK for Android

Added on July 9, 2012

Category: Android Games

Price: $0.99

Size: 27MB

Requirements: Android 2.0/2.1+

Overview: Power slide your flat-bottomed boat through the muddy waters of the backwoods and smash your way through a world filled with swamp shacks, fishin’ boats, chicken coops, gators and more! Collect valuable items like moonshine, tobacky or snake oil and sell them to the highest price.



Features of Shine Runner:

  • Amazing realistic boat physics
  • Completeley destructible and interactive environments which make the gameplay extremely fun
  • Start smuggling your way through to unfound riches!
  • Enhaced especially for Tegra 3 and Mali-400 (HTC One X and Samsung Galaxy S III)
  • Stunning HD visuals which will amaze you
  • Support for Gamepads
  • OpenFeints supported

Shine Runner for Android devices

Few supported Android devices:

  • HTC One X
  • Samsung Galaxy S III
  • Samsung Galaxy S II
  • HTC One S
  • Samsung Galaxy
  • HTC Desire
  • HTC Desire HD
  • HTC Desire Z
  • HTC Desire S
  • Motorola Droid

Download Shine Runner APK from Google Play:

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