Skullforce v1.1.1 Android Game APK for Phones and Tablets

Added on April 25, 2012

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Android Game – Skullforce v1.1.1 APK for Android Phones and Tablets (Android Gamers favourite choice)

Android OS – Requirements: OS Version : 2.1-2.3+ (Android Gingerbread)

Overview: SkullForce is a TPS (Genre: Third-Person-Shooter) Android Game with fantastic realistic Visuals and immersive Ambiance and Sound Effects. This is a breakthrough in Android Games for all Android Phones and Tablets.

You are present in the year 2210 and SkullForce Special Forces are one of the best and highly trained in the world to perform danger and very high risk operations and missions throughout the whole world. This is one of the Best Games of the Year 2012 for Android Devices.

Very realistic locations and effects where you can fight robots and tons of other enemies facing future destruction of the world and everything in it. Android Games have never been this great before. SkullForce is a miracle for all Android Gamers for Android Phones and even more Optimized for Android Tablets.

You will have many hours of endless shooting fun and gameplay with SkullForce. One of the best Android Games of the year, which you will get addicted to.

How to play (SkullForce v1.1.1Instructions:

Use the left Joystick for movement (left/right/forward/backward)
Use the right small joystick for reloading the gun
Use the bigger right joystick for shooting
You can use the right side of the screen to look left and right


SkullForce for Android

Android Play Code:

SkullForce v1.1.1 Android Game APK – Download:


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