Fake GTA 4 APK for Android making rounds around the Internet

Added on August 18, 2012

Category: Android Games

fake newly released GTA 4 APK has been making rounds around the internet claiming to be Grand Theft Auto 4 or GTA 4 similar to the PC and Console versions, having support for all Android phones and tablets.

We strongly recommend to stay away from these files. There have been many malware/virus reports in these fake APK files being released before their official releases (if GTA 4 ever makes it to Android…), that bombard you with advertisements of all sort or delete/steal your personal data.

The first rule of thumb is always Shop Android Apps from Google Play to avoid any such hazards, even though a few such apps made it to Google Play, they swiftly took care of it by removing it from the market.

Our suggestion: Stick to Google Play and support the app developers, so they are forced to create even better apps for Android phones and tablets, competing and mostly even beating their iOS counterparts.


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