First post using Wordmobi

Added on March 18, 2012

Category: Nokia Symbian S60

First post with Wordmobi and extremely excited about the idea of blogging through my mobile now.

This possibly would get me blogging more frequently. Let’s hope so, at least.

Wordmobi is a Symbian application that runs on Python and Pip applications.

Since I’m extremely new to this application, I can’t speak of its features in details but apparently, it lets the user access their blogs, hosted on wordpress website or your own domains.

The mobile app Wordmobi seems to let you access / edit your posts on wordpress blog, add new posts and delete the old ones. While adding or editing, it lets the user manage blog titles, content, category, tags, etc.

It also offers other features like statistics and setting up multiple blogs.

I’ll share the downloads links, installation guide and more details about this soon, once I’ve explored it enough.

*update – it lets you add links, images, videos, etc right out of the content area. Pretty similar to the features offered in the full blown online version of wordpress.

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