Samsung Galaxy S III : Exceptional Demand, Horrible Prices

Added on June 23, 2012

Category: Android News

One of the hottest and most powerful Android phone on the market, the Samsung Galaxy S III has seen an unprecedented demand with very little to no supply. Those who have the phone in stock are pricing it horribly.

Stock shortages exist in at least two of the carriers of the five carriers in the US while others are asking way too much for their phones (T-Mobile). This has made clear that demand for Android phones in the US is much higher than the rival iPhone. More will be revealed as the next iPhone (5) is released and things might change from there on-wards.

Samsung Galaxy S 3Sprint and AT&T both are facing major shortages of Samsung’s top of the line Android device. Sprint users who pre-ordered the 16GB variant of the Galaxy S3 will get their phones right on time as stated, whereas those waiting for the 32GB versions will have to wait till next week. Similarly AT&T have moved their release date of the Galaxy SIII to 25th June from the earlier mention 21st June.

Verizon are yet to give a date for when the Galaxy S3 will be released to the public but those that did pre-order with them have been given the date of 9th July.

Other carriers will be asking about $199 for the 16GB variant and $249 for the 32 GB version. T-Mobile has set their prices for enthusiasts at $279 a pop for the 16GB and $329 a piece for the 32GB. The only reason for this probably is that they are the only ones who have Samsung’s flagship model actually available in stock.

As time passes more will be revealed if the demand for the S3 continues to surge or as the release of the next iPhone nears it will slowly die out. No one can speculate that just as yet but one thing is for sure, the fight between the Galaxy S III and the iPhone 5 will be a nasty one.

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