Google optimizes Google+ for Android tablets

Added on June 28, 2012

Category: Android News

Google Plus, internet giant Google’s social network finally gets tweaked and optimized for all kinds of Android tablets. With this update a native app will be launched for Android tablets.

The Google+ app being made available on Android tablet devices is designed specifically with all devices in mind.

Heading the list will be Google’s own Nexus 7 device.

Google+ for iOS and Android phones was made available to the public in may which included all the native features (face-to-face video conferencing, full-screen media and the new gesture navigation), and it definitely had a much stronger impact on community engagement.Google+ Plus for Tablets

“In fact, more people now use Google Plus from their mobile devices than from their desktop computers, and today’s tablet release will quicken this trend.” - Google mentioned in their blog post.

In addition to a completely reconstructed interface, the app will also offer a stream that will style content based on popularity and orientation, an exclusive tablet optimized Hangout feature, enhanced image quality and crisper text. This crisper text similarly will look fantastic on the iPad once the Google Plus appears on Apple Tablets soon.

Google has also introduced a new feature called ‘Google+ Events’ which will enable users to send invitations to real-life events which will appear in the receivers Google calender. This feature will come paired up with a Party Mode, which will let users add snapshots from parties to Google Plus Events.

With these users will be able to add snapshots of an event in the Google+ Event calender and furthermore comment on them.

The new Google+ App for Android tablets will be made available today for all kinds of tablet devices.

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