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Added on January 21, 2013

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Sorting coupons and scanning them will be gradually taken away in the new world of digital technology. The gigantic web-icon Google was very proud to spread the news that they have shown off a new digital coupon product called Zavers by Google for their loyal consumers. The announcement was first heard at the Annual National Retail Federation (NFR) Convention and Expo in New York recently. Google’s innovative thinking to promote e-commerce will challenge other app developers to follow suit.

Zavers by Google is enabling manufacturers and retailers to deliver applicable digital coupons to their avid shoppers in the US-without too much work. The all new digital coupon product solution will allow the retailers and manufacturers to give rewards to their loyal customers in a tailored way. To maximize the benefit of the digital coupon product, all that retailers, manufacturers and also supermarkets must do is to apply at Zavers’ online for a link with their business.

Zavers by Google in Action

Pathmark Digital Coupons by Zavers

When online shoppers visit their favourite websites and shop from these e-commerce stores, the customers can earn special discounts from the participating manufacturers or retailers of such products. Since most shopping lists online are stored in the cloud – which is Google, digital rewards will be accumulated and corresponding benefits are allocated for the amounts of reward coupons gathered. Customers should tie up their loyal rewards cards, mobile phone number or Google wallet to their account. The digital coupons received from distributors of the products bought will automatically add the reward coupons to the system and they can be used to purchase another product as they wish.

Shoppers will not only enjoy the convenience of Zavers but a lot of discounts on their preferred retailers’ websites await them. This is an opportunity for the linked manufacturers to post their amazing discounts to promote their products that online shoppers will surely benefit from. This way, their expected profit is not that hard to attain once they are able to realize customer satisfaction.

The customers’ earned coupons will be measured and analysed according to the customers’ preferences. For example, a customer with a cat food coupon will not get dog foods coupon. In other words Zavers has organized the flow of the system in terms of distribution. Shoppers can also check out the site’s actual description of Zavers’ online products to know more about the product they’re buying.

Manufacturers benefit greatly from Zavers’ innovative way to manage customised campaigns, specific distributions and optimized budgets for achievable return of investments. This new digital product also offers access to a wide-range network of manufacturer coupons and modifies new retail income breakthrough. Manual coupon sorting, validation and processing are the major processes that are eliminated using the new digital coupon. Manufacturers and retailers can easily track the performance of their coupons in real time without going through those kinds of time-consuming procedures. The service is free for buyers and merchants will pay only a minimal percentage when the item displayed on the site has been sold.

Zavers’ digital service is presently a big challenge for of Mountain View California. It is also a loyalty reward card that has mobile application. However, Zavers will have an edge in the competition with its real-time redemption of products – based on the accumulated up-to-date amount of coupons being stored in the cloud.

Google also welcomed D’Agostino New York supermarket as their newest retail partner in the net. For the next succeeding days, more partnerships from major retailers will come along. This existing app for smartphone users will definitely contribute to the convenient living already provided by the internet to its users. Now, subscribers will have a choice on how to make use of these online services to enhance their intensive labour-free lifestyle!

Zavers by Google - Digital Coupons

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