Grepolis for Android by InnoGames GmbH

Added on April 22, 2014

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IconRule a mighty, ancient realm; forge alliances and employ the might of the Greek gods. Recruit armies, build a naval fleet, and summon mythical units to conquer your enemies.MMO of the year 2012Grepolis is a strategy MMO which lets you create ancient Greece just the way you want it. Forge powerful alliances with thousands of other players and draw on the powers of the Greek gods Zeus, Poseidon, Hera, Athena, Hades and Artemis. Recruit armies on water and land and summon mythical units such as the Hydra, Pegasus, and Manticore. Build unique World Wonders to help you become ruler of the world of Grepolis!



  •  Free-to-play strategy MMO with 20 million registered players worldwide
  •  Start with one city, and expand it to a mighty empire
  •  Battle with players worldwide and conquer their cities
  •  Harvest resources and trade
  •  Make use of the gods’ favor and employ their 20 mighty spells
  •  Research 30 useful technologies, and construct 13 different buildings
  •  Recruit your army from 27 units, and lead them into battle in real-time
  •  Fight in alliances, side by side with other real players
  •  Play your account via this app and on your desktop computer

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Price: Free

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