3D Gyroscope SpinningTop Adventure APK For Android

Added on December 17, 2011

Category: Android Games

Price: Free

Size: 28MB

Requirements: Android 2.1+

Overview : Adventure Spinning Top Adventure 3D gyroscope is a relatively new idea of 3D games, based on the traditional off, you need to accurately control its movements, collecting game blue and yellow gems.

3D Gyroscope Spinning Top Adventure for Android

Also enjoy the fun mini-games:
• Race to race around the famous circuit.
• Try to survive this dangerous adventure amazing and infinite survival.
• And the Einsteins among us can prove their genius, solving
mathematical challenges in mathematics.
Adventure SpinningTop has the following features free:
• The first 6 levels of the world’s first street.
• The first 4 circuits of the race mini-game.
In each adventure SpinningTop currently offers the opportunity to purchase the full version, which includes:
• The 12 levels of each world (36 levels full of action).
• The Mathematics Survival mini-games, along with the rest of the racetrack.
Do not wait and enjoy the adventure SpinningTop amazing!


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