Horn by Zynga: Tegra vs Non-Tegra devices [Quick Look]

Added on September 3, 2012

Category: Android Reviews

The newly released Horn for Android phone and tablet devices features extremely crisp and detailed graphics on both Tegra and non-Tegra devices but graphical differences and pretty evident when put side to side.

Graphical Comparison of Horn (Tegra vs non-Tegra)


(Click the screenshots for a larger resolution)

Source: http://phosphorgames.com/forums/index.php?topic=469.0

Judging by these images you can clearly see segmentation is full-fledged action. There is a huge difference in the graphical details of both the devices and it seems like Tegra devices also have much better lighting and smoothing effects.

This comparison of the Tegra vs Non-Tegra versions of the game should come in handy for those looking to get an Android device solely for the purpose of gaming.

Do you support segmentation of the Android community? Leave us your opinions through comments.

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