Ice Cream Sandwich vs Jelly Bean: Battle of the Operating Systems!

Added on October 26, 2012

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Ice Cream Sandwich (Android version 4.0)


Jelly Bean (Android version 4.1)

Android in our opinion is the most versatile and feature-rich operating system one can imagine on a smartphone or tablet. It gives you pretty fluid functionality with a great number of updates being released every few months addressing most if not all the issues. One thing that seems to be a concern is if the software update is out for your phone or tablet yet.

Ice Cream Sandwich and Jelly Bean have both addressed many bugs and continually add additional new features. All the Android version names are based on desserts or other any other kind of sweet delights; likewise Android versions are arranged and released in an alphabetical sequence. The latest update being Jelly Bean which was released around July on Nexus 7 and a few other devices. Since then Jelly Bean has made it’s way to many devices the most recent being Galaxy S3 owners on Sprint.

Android desserts in all their glory!

Android Ice Cream Sandwich: This mobile operating system is for phones, tablets and many more. It is based on the Linux kernel type of 3.0.1. It has easy multitasking, amusing notifications, resizable widgets, and many more ways of communicating and connecting to friends and family. The configuration and features of this version are,

  • Android OS 4.0 is called ICS (short for Ice Cream Sandwich) and was released in October 2011.
  • This has helped improve readability and it comes with a much more polished UI.
  • The virtual buttons in the system Bar assists you navigate to home, back, current apps. Theses virtual buttons and system bar can be viewed throughout the apps if required theses can be minimized for viewing full screen.
  • Multitasking is the important feature of this operating system, which helps to move from one task to another task list.
  • Face Unlock is the special feature of the Android ICS, face unlock is not alphanumeric or PIN password, but still has good security.
  • In Android sandwich when you open apps menu, you see the widgets put on forward-facing and centre. These widgets can be scrolled down. We can also resize the widgets by pressing and holding the icons and dragging them to corners.
  • The camera app gives a panoramic view, you can just rotate the phone to left or right and the OS takes care of the photo or video. These apps also have strong editing abilities like self-fixing the bugs and cropping.
  • With this new type of Android you can experience the fastest browsing speed when compared to its previous versions. It can at a time open nearly 16 new tabs in the browser. Favorite sites can also be bookmarked.

Android Jelly Bean: This is the recent version of the Android mobile operating systems. The version is 4.1. Some of the new features of the Jelly Bean are,

  • Some call it the slickest version of Android to date. It definitely has a speedy user interface.
  • Google Now is one of the new features of the Jelly Bean, it actually gives all the information that you want automatically (this needs to be activated beforehand). If you say traffic, then it will search for the directions to your office and also show the alternate ways if there is too much of traffic in your regular route. This feature is comparable to the iPhone’s Siri.
  • Notifications are always vital of the Android but in the Jelly Bean they changed a lot better when compared to its previous versions. This Android exhibits richer and expanded notifications.
  • You can connect and share two photos by selecting two phones using the wireless technology which is called NFC (near field technology).
  • Some of the other features are improved voice search, camera apps, USB audio.
  • Android browser has been changed to the Android’s Google chrome.

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