Interesting Ways to Use Night Vision

Added on February 28, 2013

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When you hear the term “night vision,” it’s not uncommon to think about night vision’s military application. Maybe you think about a team of guys rushing a compound under the hazy moonlight somewhere in the Middle East. They have night goggles down over their eyes, weapons in hand, and they’re ready for whatever’s in that compound. While this may be a common way we think of night vision, there are many other applications that extend way beyond military usage.

In the civilian realm, night vision devices, such as scopes and goggles are more commonly used in hunting. The devices are particularly useful for nocturnal and predatory animals. However, let’s take hunting and firearms out of the equation and look squarely at night vision applications that are accessible to anyone interested in the technology.

While it’s easy to look at night vision as a novelty or toy, since using a night vision device can be both fun and exciting, it can also be educational and practical. Let’s start with a few of the more conventional applications:

Wilderness Observation

Find out what you’ve been missing after the sun sets. Put faces to those sounds you hear as you’re trying to get to sleep. Watch as the natural world comes to life once humans are out of the picture. Watch owls hunt, spot bats fluttering in the distance, catch a fox on the prowl… You get the idea. Who knows what surprising thing you might spot during a night hike while camping or just out in the backyard.

Majestic Mountain Lion at Night


A flashlight can only do so much when you’re stumbling around in the dark. While flashlights are always handy and should be in every home, they can be overly bright, cast harsh shadows, and leave a lot of room in the dark. With a night vision device, you can eliminate those shadows and dark spots, allowing you to take whatever measures you deem appropriate to defend your family and property.

Ghost Hunting

Say you believe in ghosts and other various paranormal activities or you’re a huge fan of the various ghost hunting shows on TV and want to get in on the action. I’m not here to judge. Night vision devices can incredibly useful for this more “out there” activity. Whether you want to do some exploring of a decrepit old hotel yourself, or want to take the kids out for a good scare and give them nightmares for the next two months, you can’t go wrong, even if you don’t find anything. Makes a great date night idea, too!

Night Tag

Or any variety of games you can think of. Give the “it” person the goggles and go! Adds a new dimension and challenge to the classic outdoor game of tag or hide and seek. In a similar fashion, you could add the element of night vision to bouts of Nerf tag or even paintball.

Bedroom Antics

Spice up your bedroom life with night vision… Well, I’m just partially kidding here, but you get the idea. Like with wilderness observation, who knows what you might discover.

Night Vision

Author Bio: Craig Pearson is an avid hunter, outdoors-man, and adventurist. His main passions are hog hunting in Texas and writing about his many adventures. He currently blogs for, a supplier of high quality night vision equipment.

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