JumpOut APK for Android

Added on May 6, 2013

Category: Android Games

JumpOut Icon

by TapTapBoom Games

They are captured within 4 walls! Their only hope is the cap they are holding onto, as if trying to catch a straw in a hurricane! Surrounded by cunning traps, they look ahead and see… the exit.

JumpOut Preview

These bugs have nothing to fear; they always look dangers in the face and keep on crying Jump Out!

  •  Simple, intuitive controls!
  •  Cool physics-based gameplay!
  •  Perfect graphics!
  •  Stunning soundtrack and authentic voice-over!
  •  Wide variety of characters with unique abilities and skills!
  •  140 levels!
  •  30 achievements to unlock 30 additional bonus levels!

Requirements: Android 2.2 and Higher

Size: 33 MB

Price: Free

Download JumpOut APK from Google Play:


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