Mad Skills Motocross APK for Android

Added on August 9, 2012

Category: Android Games

Size: 42MB

Requirements: Android version 2.1 or higher

Price: Free

Overview: Mad Skills Motocross is a must have for any racing game enthusiast who owns an Android phone or tablet! It is simply the best FREE game of its genre.

Turning a fan-favorite genre on its head, the hyper-addictive Mad Skills Motocross plays and feels like no other side-scrolling racing game. The unparalleled physics engine and unexpected power-ups give you a level of control that you have to play to believe. Launch off an enormous jump, land on your rear wheel, hit the throttle, and leave your opponent in a spray of dirt—then brag about it on Facebook and Twitter! Mad Skills Motocross is fun for novices but deep enough for nearly endless competitive high-level play. You’ll need to master wheelies, stoppies, nitro, rocket boots, backflips, front flips, and much more to truly be the best.


Game Features:

  • Change the appearance of your bike and rider
  • Compete on 52 tracks, from easy to very technical
  • 30 more awesome tracks available as in-app purchases
  • Compete in Career or Time Attack modes
  • Compete in either Amateur or Pro modes for varying levels of difficulty
  • Use five different power-ups to find faster ways through tracks* Race “ghosts” of your own or your friends’ best times
  • Watch replays of your best races

Download Mad Skills Motocross APK from Google Play:

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