Modi Run for Android by Dexati

Added on April 16, 2014

Category: Android Games

IconHelp Modi through all the states and gather the votes to win the election and become PM of India. Modi Run is an action game where politician Modi Runs through all the states and wins over the election to become Prime Minister of India.Help Modi Run through all of the states including:


1. Gujarat
2. Maharashtra
3. Uttaranchal
4. Rajasthan
5. Kerala
6. Karnataka
7. Andhra Pradesh
8. Bihar
9. Utter Pradesh
10. Tamilnadu
11. Assam
12. Madhya Pradesh.
13. Punjab
14. West Bengal
15. Haryana
16. Odisha
17. Assam
18. Sikkim.

Help Modi win the election by running through all the election. If you are a Fan of Modi or a supporter of BJP this is the app for you.This Game is not endorsed by Modi or BJP. This game is purely for entertainment made as Parody of Indian Elections.Version 1.1: Now Modi will ride unicycle or cycle after learning how to Run. New levels 13 to 18 are added.

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Price: Free

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