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Added on May 6, 2013

Category: Android Games

Ninja Elite Icon

by Smile Candy

Welcome to chapter 1 of Ninja Elite!

As an Elite Ninja fight hordes of enemies and obstacles standing in your way of rescuing the beautiful princess. This beautiful HD side scrolling 2D game will remind you of some of your favorite classic gaming favorites. Random enemies and power ups keep it fun and challenging.

Ninja Elite Preview


Collect powerful power ups as your ninja jumps and rolls to avoid dangerous enemies and obstacles. Use your shurikens to get rid of hordes of enemy waves coming your way.


Start out with 3 full levels. Unlock the remaining two levels with coins to fight the first boss.


Recruit two additional ninjas! They fire powerful projectiles to blow up or evaporate whatever is in their way. Not your everyday ninja.


Meow, The coinizer counts your coins up at the end of each level helping you earn all your unlocks. Get more ninjas and access to more levels. More ninjas, levels, and upgrades on the way!


Size: 45 MB

Price: Free

Download Ninja Elite  APK from Google Play:

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