Nokia E5-00 firmware release 042.014 is a disappointment!

Added on February 11, 2011

Category: Nokia Symbian S60

So far, on a quick investigation into the new firmware for Nokia E5-00, the version 042.014 is a great disappointment. Read on to know why,

1. There is no change log available anywhere on the internet – even at the time of the upgrade, it didn’t mention any specifics, what i remember it saying was – ..major upgrades, makes the device stable.. – i don’t notice any substantial updates yet.

2. I had my list of issues i was facing prominently with the E5, whic

h are discussed in detail on a previous post, . Let’s see below what off these have been fixed.

Issues that were on the device previously and still not fixed,

1. SMS Memory Indexing issue – still there after the firmware update.
2. In the messaging inbox, after “sorting messages by sender”, you can’t select the messages in a flow. It selects 3 messages and jumps to the top (if being selected in the up direction) and to the bottom (if being selected in the down direction). Pity, this hasn’t been fixed yet either.
3. Phone numbers getting copied / duplicate entries by itself – haven’t seen that issue yet after the update. But this generally used to happen every few days, so i’m going to be eagerly waiting.
4. SMS tone going silent in a regular sound profile – haven’t seen this issue yet after the update. This used to happen every couple of days, going to be waiting eagerly if this issue re-appears after the update.
5. EDGE / GPRS connection getting unstable and the phone needing a restart – haven’t faced the issue recently, and definitely not after the update. Let’s see if it does.

Adding new issues to the list – this list of issues with the new firmware 042.014 for Nokia E5 will be updated frequently the next couple of days based on my experience,

6. Torch doesn’t work anymore on space bar being pressed – don’t know of any other way to do that either. Update: It has started working, but seems more unreliable than before.
7. The mobile has become extremely unstable after the firmware upgrade – I’ve experienced at least 4 random restarts in the last 12 hours with this firmware.
8. Browser has started to crash more frequently.
9. Profimail (my primary email client) has started to randomly close down frequently too.

*the above list of firmware issues were last updated on February 12, 2011

Some good things about the firmware,

1. Memory on startup has been increased, it now shows 164 MB free on startup of the phone, which is great. Although, so far it does not feel like this memory has been utilized very wisely with how the OS interacts with the device hardware. There still is a noticeable lag when folders are opened, scrolling through app icons or scrolling through the open apps.

I’ll be updating this website after using the new firmware for a few days – keep tuned.

If these issues aren’t creased out in the next few weeks, I’m giving up on this device and this time on Nokia.

Short-listed candidates for my next phones are – Motorola Droid Pro Global or the Motorola Droid Milestone 2 Global – can not move to a phone without a keyboard and the little experience I’ve had with Blackberry’s is that they don’t offer much except for a stable OS and basic email features on a smartphone (not many options to expand the features using 3rd party apps).

Nokia’s clock is ticking…


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