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Added on January 16, 2011

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User review / experience on Nokia E5-00 – hardware and sturdiness of the device

In my last post i shared the experience on the Nokia e5’s software, bugs in the current firmware (042.007) – verdict: none that can’t be lived with, but Nokia does need to come out with a firmware soon before users are tired of waiting and make their shifts. if you haven’t read that article and plan on investing in a Nokia E5-00, i’ll suggest you read the Nokia E5-00 current firmware 042.007 bug list and real hands on experience here. I purchased a Nokia E71 on its launch and have evolved with its firmware updates, since its launch in August 2008 up-till December 2010, when i decided to change the phone. There wasn’t any substantial reason to change, it was more of a ‘change needed for the heck of it’. And that made it touger to find the right successor. It took a lot of evaluations to find the right successor, which is now the Nokia e5-00.This post will be speaking of the sturdiness of the device and the hardware comparisons from perspectives of usage, the feel in hand and looks and feel of the Nokia E5-00.The reasons which made me choose a Nokia e5-00 over Nokia e72, Nokia c6 or Nokia n97 / n97 mini was solely the RAM and partially the attached affordable price tag.

Sturdiness and Physical Attributes

Nokia e5-00 is a substantially strong device compared to others on the rack, but this review is based on my personal experience – so comparing e5 with the Nokia e71, there’s no comparison on the build – the Nokia e71 takes the lead hands down with a full metal body and the best, it seemed all perfectly gelled together. The Nokia e5-00 has a good body, mostly plastic other than the metal strip beneath the screen with the call, end, menu, home, calendar and two soft keys – although my only complain with this area is it started to squeak a little soon after the first few days of use – i eventually got used to it, so its liveable. The other metal area on the phone is the back battery cover, although again, this isnt made of the highest metal qualities and acquired a slight dent on a fall. The rest is all plastic, decent quality but definitely not scratch resistant. So if you are looking for a phone with the same build quality as a Nokia e71, you might not find any phone with the same build quality – that’s a bold statement i am making, but its true. Even the toughest of the Blackberry phones compare with the build quality of the Nokia e71, but unfortunately its old, slower processor and limited RAM got me changing my phone.

Feel in Hand

Not as superb as a Nokia e71 again, but pretty solid feel and an enjoyable experience so far. Generally, myself and other avid / extensive mobile users acquire the feel of their mobiles and like to hold it often, regardless of them needing the use of the phone. In this department, the Nokia e5-00 has so far stood out well, but hasn’t yet given me the acquisition joy as the Nokia e71.

Look and Feel

Again, in this department, Nokia e71 took the lead and was an extremely beatiful looking phone being a full metal phone. The Nokia e5-00 is a great phone to look at, looks nice in black with silver metallic accents – it looks a little like the Blackberry phones more than the Nokia keyboard phones.


Almost the same keyboard as the rest of the devices in this series, that is the Nokia e71, e63, e72 – anyone with a hang on the keyboard of any of these phones should love the keyboard on the nokia e5-00.

Final Verdict

Nokia e71 with the looks, great character and functionality is a superb phone, but i would classify this as the old risk averse businessman as opposed to the Nokia e5-00 with the semi-smart looks profiled as a little risky and shrude business accumen trader on a progressive stock exchange with the power, features and functionality.So I feel pretty satisfied holding and using a Nokia e5-00 at this point.Note: This review / experience is not technical in nature. Soon, i do plan to do a technical review between Nokia E71, Nokia E5-00, Nokia E72, and Nokia C6 – reason for selecting these mobiles being similar devices and in context to being popular competitors to each other. Also pls bear in mind, I’m a pretty tech savvy user of mobile devices, hence my review does consider the technical aspects while making the comments.

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