Nokia E5 Firmware 071.003 Review

Added on July 1, 2011

Category: Nokia Symbian S60

Nokia E5’s latest firmware 071.003 updated May 2011 seems to be a stable release of the firmware. On quick test, I’ve observed the following,

1. First, it was extremely quick and convenient to upgrade the firmware OTA, it hardly took 5 mins and the phone was upgraded to the new firmware. On a restart, it seems to have all my apps / games / settings etc intact, which is great.
2. The phone speed has improved drastically, specially browsing through the menus. And people who experienced this, on the stand-by screen when you typed in the numbers, they used to be slow but now it works like a breeze.
2. Camera Pictures improved drastically!
3. Camera now snaps and holds the image pretty quick, instead of the images coming shaky.
4. Issue with the earlier firmware, that did not let you select multiple messages while sorted in the message inbox. This is something, I missed badly on the last firmware – finally, it’s working.
5. Nice new web browser – seems fast and looks stable. But it’s too soon to share experience on the browser yet, will do soon. Update: The browser is WAY more stable and fast now. Websites that i frequently use seem to be working pretty fast, specially the interactive objects / javascript scrollers / flash etc. So far, really happy with the experience of the browser on this firmware version.
6. Also noticed, that a lot of back-end / internal services that run on the phone, which on the previous firmware were visible while using a third-party task manager don’t show anymore.  And the free memory shows more than what it used to be previously – it now shows 159 MB free with the phone and my email software (Profimail) running in the background. It previously would have been around 145 – 150 MB free. Let’s hope the memory  management is better too now – previously, even having the additional memory compared to most other Symbian devices, it couldn’t make the best use of it – hoping it does now.

Most of the issues i identified on my last post with issues with the firmware version 042.014 seems to have been fixed on this one, at least, it apparently seems like. The only issue, that may need time to verify, is the SMS ringtone going silent out of the blue – I’ll be on a vigilant look-out on this issue, and others.

I’ll share more experience about the new firmware version 071.003, as i spend more time with the Nokia E5 device.

Note: If the readers find any other issues / fixes with this firmware, pls share with us so we can add them to the list for the readers to benefit from. I’m sure, identifying these issues help Nokia fixing them in their upcoming firmware versions, making the Symbian devices still worthwhile for the users.

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