Nokia e5 vs e72 – Which of the two is a Winner?

Added on February 18, 2011

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Looking at the traffic results, it seems like there are many out there who are looking to choose between a Nokia e5 or a Nokia e72. I did a quick research on the same before going for the Nokia e5 – for my priorities and needs, i found Nokia e5 to be a winner.

For a summary view, if you are looking for a device with the looks, Nokia e72 will take the cake and if you are looking for a balance, it definitely has to be the Nokia e5.

Winners for Nokia e72 over the e5:
-Better screen 16 million colors as opposed to 256k
-Internet Telephony/ voIP interface integrated well with the devices (although internet telephony / voIP is available on the e5 as well, but it is not as integrated on the device – example, Truphone service has a native app for Nokia e72, but will needed to be setup manually for e5 – that too is Truphone gives you the password, which they generally do not so unfortunately you can not use Truphone on e5)
-Better camera (both the phones have 5 megapixels), but the one on e72 has auto-focus whereas e5 does not
-digital compass with GPS on e72, whereas e5 has a regular GPS with A-GPS support
-optical navi-key for people looking for a blackberry bold 2 experience, but unfortunately it does not work too great and most keep it turned off
-more metal on the body on the e72 compared to the e5, although i personally felt the little metal used on Nokia e5 (only the back cover and top navigation area on the keyboard) is better quality.
-extra 2 dedicated navigation keys, example, for calendar and contacts – the other two are also available on e5 which are the messaging and home.
-front camera for 3G video calls

Nokia e5 winners:

-sturdy looks and feel for a plastic (with a little metal) based phone and i personally found it more sturdy feeling than the Nokia e72
-more RAM on Nokia e5 (256 MB – around 160 MB available on load) as opposed to Nokia e72 (128 MB – around 55 MB free on load)
-substantial price comparison between the 2 – the Nokia e5 costs around USD 210/- contract free whereas the Nokia e72 costs around USD 320/-

The winners on Nokia e72 may be more for obvious reasons such as the price difference and being a Nokia e71 successor (which was the phone of the year and gave Nokia a completely new reputation with the competition for business smartphones).

Even though the winners on the Nokia e5 are less, we find this to be a better option off the 2 because of many e72 winners not useful in our case and the small list of winners for the nokia e5 being more substantial and practical in our case.

If you really are looking forward to buying beween a Nokia e72 or Nokia e5, our suggestion is to go with the Nokia e5.
If these are just a consideration, maybe you can look at other Android options mentioned here.

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