Quizomania HD Pro APK for Android

Added on September 14, 2012

Category: Android Games

by Lightning Studio

Size: 14MB

Requirements: Android version 2.1 or higher (512MB RAM recommended)

Price: $1.30

Overview: Quizomania HD is a new android quiz game with HD graphics for Android phone and tablet devices. Game is challenging but made in a way that players can learn new things. This is a quiz game but with unique types of game modes that made this quiz game one of a kind. If questions are sometimes too hard you can always use a help of 8 innovative jockers. I’m sure you all will enjoy it!


  •  3 types of game modes (normal quiz, stages mode, survival mode)
  •  8 innovative jokers (Immunity, Skipper, 50/50, …)
  •  Around 3 thousands of questions
  •  11 categories (Science, History, Biology, …)
  •  13 achievements
  •  Highscore list for normal quiz and survival

Normal quiz

  • Goal is to answer 18 questions before time runs out. Questions are divided in three difficulties. If you need help you can buy jokers with score points and try to finish the game and get a bonus for your highscore.

Stages mode

  • Play in 8 different categories and combine score to unlock new more challenging levels. You are allowed to use help of jokers, but use it carefully because every point counts.

Survival mode

  • Try to stay in the game as long as you can without help. Wrong answer won’t end the game, but will reduce play time. Every correct answer will increase play time, so choose your answers carefully.

Quizomania HD Pro APK

Download Quizomania HD Pro APK from Google Play:


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