Real hands-on user experience on Nokia e5-00 from an avid Nokia e71 user

Added on January 24, 2012

Category: Nokia Symbian S60

Real hands-on user experience on Nokia e5-00 from an avid Nokia e71 user – including a Nokia E5-00 firmware bug list for the version 042.007

Nokia e71 was the best device i had owned, used and enjoyed using in my history of keeping phones. It took me a lot of convincing to let go of a Nokia e71 and it was difficult finding a successor – now i have for a little over 2 months, it is the Nokia e5-00.

This has a softer keyboard compared to the Nokia e71 – the phones been good so far, but it does seem that the firmware needs to be desperately updated. The phone’s firmware seems to have lots of issues at its current version, 042.007. The main list of issues that i personally face,

-While messages sorted and selecting them using the shift key (multi message selecting) seems to loose the selection and resets to the point you started. Something i have always used to clean my inbox.

-Message indexing is totally messed up. One is 200 and the right next message is 150 and then the next one is 245. I assume, this is the reason why selecting the messages on the sorted mode seem to reset and act funny.

-Some phone numbers keep re-appearing for some reason. Example, i have a number that i dial most frequently saved as ‘000 Name’ so it appears the first on the contact list. Very frequently, the number gets copied as ‘Name’, hence having multiple entries of the same number. So next when the person calls, only the number is showed instead of the name. I am just unable to figure out where the other number is getting copied from.

-Sms tones go silent by itself frequently. Changing the profile or selecting a different sms ringtone doesnt help either. And i think (not sure), noticed this happens when a msg is received and you press the read msg before the entire sms ringtone has even played. Symbian users must know when an sms ringtone is being and if you press a button, the sms goes silent – but that should not mean, the next time msg comes, not to play any sound.

-Edge / GPRS Radio becomes totally unusable frequently – the solution is a phone restart.

These are the ones i’ve faced frequently and multiple times and that’s how i have been able to identify these as definite problems that need to be resolved.

I’ll be posting more as they come, but in the meanwhile, i am hoping (deperately hoping), that we get to see a new firmware with these and any other issues ironed out.

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