Real Racing 2 APK for Android

Added on December 23, 2011

Category: Android Games

Price: $5.04

Size: Varies with device

Requirements: Android version 2.3 or higher

Overview: The hit mobile racing simulation Real Racing 2 is available for Android gamers. Download the full version of Real Racing 2 today!

Real Racing 2 APK

Immerse yourself in the guaranteed most realistic looking racing game you have ever played on your Android device. With controls and gameplay matching those of console games such as Gran Turismo, this game is a must snatch especially when its available for a free download!

This is our guaranteed pick of the Best Racing Game on Android! Beating the competition by miles. Audio and menus on this game are something too. The fluid animations add to the thrill.

Real Racing 2


  • Select any famous brands of sports cards, luxury cars, or just sedans. You Drive so You Decide.
  • Realistic car physics and car damage. It will keep you trying over and over to feel the thrill again and again.
  • Difficulty levels for all kinds of players. From casual players to hardcore gamers, they had everyone in mind!
  • Tons of levels, replayability and rewards to unlock which will make it hard to put your phone down!
  • Quality racing simulation like no other on Android.

Download Real Racing 2 APK from Google Play:

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