Samsung Gio Galaxy 5660 – Detailed Review

Added on June 4, 2011

Category: Android Reviews

Finally, I’ve been able to experience the Samsung Galaxy Gio 5660 and Android 2.2.1. to be writing an in-depth detailed review on it.

Screen Size

Screen size on the Samsung Gio is 320 x 480 with 16 million colors, which isn’t the best resolution you would want on an Android device. Comparing the screen from a usability point of view, it is extremely sharp, usable and comparable to the screen resolution available on high-end devices (which generally is 480 x 800).

There definitely are limitations on games, that might be available / compatible for the Samsung Gio. But since, most of the popular games available on the Android market are compatible on the device with great gameplay, I don’t foresee this to be a big negative, at least from my usage perspective. The only limitation will be the HD based games that generally require a high-resolution display & 1 GHz processor speeds at least.

I still yet have to find any application, that’s  incompatible with the device. Generally the applications don’t require a very high-end display, so this might not be a problem for people interested in Apps on the Android Market.

There has been a debatable question, which is still unclear to many, the Samsung Gio does NOT have a gorilla glass, so please go ahead and install a screen protector to keep your device looking new.

RAM / Memory

Samsung Gio comes with a 278MB of RAM, which isn’t great and will limit you on intensive apps and games.


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