Preview of the Samsung Gio S5660

Added on March 20, 2012

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Hello everyone,

This is in no way a full user experience or a review to the recently launched Samsung Gio S5660, which is in line with the most recent devices launched by Samsung – the Samsung Ace, Samsung Fit and the Samsung Gio. This is more of a preview to the new Samsung Gio, read on..

A few deciding factors for the Samsung Gio for now,

  • Screen size 320 x 480 with 16 Million Colors (better than most basic / mid end Android phones on the market)
  • 800 Mhz Processor
  • GPU 200 – I’m still trying to verify, if it’s on my handset or not – the Ace does have it for sure though.
  • 278 MB RAM, which is pretty modest for a mid tier phone
  • Very handy size / weight combination on the phone
  • Android 2.2.1 Froyo pre-loaded. Hoping for an Android 2.3 Gingerbread to launch on the phone soon (Samsung has not officially announced anything about releasing the 2.3 on the device yet – but I do know, Samsung has been launching the Android OS updates on all it’s phone during May / Jun 2011 – so maybe, I might be in for a surprise.)

None of the above sounds like the enthusiast’s specs in an Android device, but the above cut it for me and the special deal breaker was the price factor for this device. And, I was fortunate enough to get a SPECIAL discount from a local warranty provider which gave me no reason not to go for the phone.

Quick Comment about the Samsung Gio S5660:
The Samsung Gio S5660 is a GREAT device, specially, considering this is my first Android device. Colors are sharp and vivid, performance is pretty snappy and i haven’t really felt a great lag as yet on the phone with lots of apps / games installed already using the official Android Market, sufficient amount of RAM – tried using 12 apps & games running at the same time and i didn’t see the RAM or the Processor crying, pretty quick screen movements and motion sensor (used on a few games)…the list of goods keep going ON and ON…

The only bad is a lack of a keyboard and since i’m pretty frequent on responding to my emails on my mobile devices, this specific device with no keyboard might not cut out for me as my email device. I’m going to live with it, since I carry a Nokia E5 for my emailing and Samsung Gio as a luxury / multimedia / Android testing phone.

I’ve also had a chance to head-on-head compare the performance with an HTC Desire – impresses me that they both were pretty much the same on performance.

What’s to come in the future on this blog:

  • A full review on Samsung Gio S5660 – coming very soon
  • Review on Android Apps and their compatibility with Samsung Gio S5660

Looking forward to connecting with the reader on a totally new dimension, the Android platform 2.2.1 Froyo on the Samsung Gio S5660.

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