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Added on March 17, 2012

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While taking a smoke break, I was just thinking what is really missing with the search engines (definitely not underestimating the current search engines – Google is just great, I can’t even now think of living with it) and a very quick answer that I came up with was that the search engines now search for content / keywords on a very macro level through the resultant websites (maybe that’s what the idea of a search engine is), but is the idea efficient enough? Is that how people want the information or results to be?

A little half baked concept that I’d like to share below (information below is totally incomplete and maybe not easily understandable, I’ll soon update and put some sense to it) -

Search basic keyword / industry / category + Supporting words = most known category / industry searched phrase results

Thoughts – search type or expected result type – company information, content information, etc

1- search for the above custom built phrase
2- search from the most searched phrases for that category
3- search random (beta) – why this should be beta is because this should be built over time, as people search for keywords and our smart system logics with them and keeps building a criteria based dictionary

*updated march – just noticed, the article says it was written in dec 09, whereas I think I wrote this in feb, 2010. Interesting, I’ll need to check if its Wordmobi that’s showing the date incorrect or my mobile / laptop clock that had gone bonkers, or maybe even my servers.

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