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Added on December 10, 2012

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The multitude of applications that you can download for free from Google Play is pretty massive. Arriving on the scene after Apple’s AppStore, Google Play (previously known as the Android Market) has accumulated tons of quality apps in a matter of only a few years. How you pick your apps today will certainly have a huge impact in your device’s ability to operate appropriately in the future. Indiscriminate downloading may lead to more harm than good. Never be ignorant about the apps you choose to install on your Android phone or tablet.

Aside from digital clutter, downloading applications that have overlapping functions can be counterproductive for you and your device. There are a lot of websites out there that do not require their games to be downloaded and can be played directly from your browser (Especially if your device supports Flash Player). Online poker gaming portals like partypoker de allow you to play an energetic game of poker and talk to the online German community even if you are abroad and homesick. Having a home away from home is never an impossible feat when you’re having fun playing games online. Since poker offers the gaming experience that most games of the same genre bring, you don’t need to download any other card game or board game ever. Instead of downloading apps that will take up space in your memory, try to find websites that offer the services or function you need in place of the application. Football and other sports related apps are usually redundant as the information is readily available in the front pages of every gaming-inclined website. Weather and temperature, among others, usually have widgets available in most smart phones and is also easily accessible at a click of a button on weather websites.

Instead of downloading a lot of applications that don’t really add anything to the value of your device, try to look for apps that offer you free services that your internet or phone provider can’t give you. Services like Skype and other video calling, unlimited voice calls and SMS are certainly a good addition that will enhance the overall function of your device. Applications that replace the need for additional equipment are also a good investment for downloading. Apps that count the distance you’ve travel replace the need for an expensive pedometer, apps that let you stream and download music replace the need for a music player, apps that let you operate your equipment via Bluetooth replace the need for remote controls and manual operation. The list goes on and on. The ideal scenario you’re looking for is to be able to function using just one device for a multitude of tasks with as little downloads as possible.

With the conveniences of modern technology literally at arms length, it’s easy to go crazy and download a lot of useless applications. Just remember, the main aim of technology is to simplify your life and that should be it so employ the same mantra when you are downloading free apps and games from Google Play.

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