Smartphone Transition from Symbian to Android – Why?

Added on March 20, 2012

Category: Nokia Symbian S60

In follow-up to the last post which speaks of the evolution of my life with Symbian smartphones. Frankly, I still like Symbian, it is a good OS and does all that I’ve needed and pretty well – emails using Profimail (way more versatile and power packed option than Nokia’s own email clients), moderate to advanced calendar / scheduler, average messaging environment, good sound quality for the speakerphone and speaker, EXCELLENT keyboard and real multi-tasking.
But in general, the OS stability on e5-00 / e72 concerns me – why? Because this primarily is the same OS as on the previous Symbian smartphones, yes there have been a lot of improvements from usability perspectives, but the stability that should have been there on the OS after almost a decade is still not there yet and I’m most definite that has very strong reasons for not being the most stable OS yet. Previous versions (or versions on similar environments in the recent years, example the e72 / e52, if i were to still beleive e71 wasn’t the same OS – technically it was), the firmware builds should have been standard (with minor tweaks), workable for all models and should have creased out all the issues by now – also knowing, that it isnt the most advanced OS of them all and Nokia has spent over 10 years developing on it.
To have thrown a cherry on top of all these feelings, Nokia has decided to go the Microsft way in the next couple of months, as announced in the MWC (Mobile World Congress) 2011.
This is what has convinced me to start finding a successor to the Symbian phones which are, easy to moderate on the pocket and gives me a higher value advantage in regards to exploring the Androis OS capabilities as well (at least the 2.2 froyo, if not the 2.3).
More about the short-listed choices for a budget Android device with a keyboard in the next post. I’ll be focusing on Android devices only with a keyboard because it’s of highest value proposition for me in a smartphone.
Stay tuned for a short-list of Android devices with keyboards –

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