Super Kid Cannon for Android by Skyjoy Interactive LLC

Added on April 15, 2014

Category: Android Games

IconSuperLaunch Super Kid Cannon on an epic adventure to save his beloved Justine from the evil, despicable snow leopard, Khan! Blast through baddies and smash through blocks as you soar like a bird (or rather, a red panda) through 30 levels in 5 fantastic worlds filled with excitement, power-ups, coins, and collectibles! That’s a heckuva ride, and it’s FREE for a limited time!Special items like different power-ups, costumes, and extra-lives to help you boost through the sky and beat your friends’ scores are available for purchase.So what are you waiting for? You’re not afraid of heights are you?Press download and start the countdown because Super Kid Cannon is ready for blast off on Android phones and tablets (no flopping necessary)!Super Kid Cannon



  •  Fly (don’t flop) for FREE through forests, canyons, mountains, the sky, and space in the world’s first VERTICAL-LAUNCHER game
  •  Play the hero through 5 fantastic worlds and 30 action-packed levels, all different, all awesome
  •  Travel via cannons, bubbles, ski lifts, UFOs, windmills, geysers, and more
  •  Collect a variety of power-ups, extra-lives, and costumes to help you blast through levels and crush your friends’ scores
  •  Clash with an amazing, diverse array of enemies
  •  Classic gameplay, gorgeous graphics, awesome sound effects, and an unforgettable soundtrack
  •  Seamless synchronization with your Facebook account, and free lives for invites
  •  Leader boards and an in-game map for you and your friends to keep track of one another as you play

Note: old, slow Android devices may have an impaired framerate on later levelsWe would like to thank everybody who downloads and recommends Super Kid Cannon! Please like us on Facebook and Twitter, and check out our website for the latest news.Disclaimer – No animals were harmed in the creation of this game.Seeds Partnership – We’ve partnered with Seeds to make every single in-app-purchase in Super Kid Cannon socially responsible. Indeed, 25% of anything you buy in-game will go to female entrepreneurship in East Africa. So play on, cannoneers, and feel good about it!”I really enjoyed the beautiful art work and the unique blending of the classic arcade and action adventure genre.” – Score 100/100 –”Skyjoy Interactive’s inaugural game Super Kid Cannon is a huge success.” – Score 4.5/5 –”With addictive, intuitive gameplay and beautiful visuals, you owe it to yourself to try Super Kid Cannon!” – Score – 9/10 –”I’m absolutely loving the game’s wacky premise and über cute characters (red pandas ftw!), so I’ll definitely be picking this one up when it hits the App Store next month.” –”Don’t you ever get tired of all those sidescroller games that, you know, scroll sideways? Me too. And that’s why I’m so pumped to play Super Kid Cannon, a new Donkey Kong-inspired action game that keeps the lighthearted action moving upwards on a vertical plane.” –

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Price: Free

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