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And here we are again, back to reviewing the best Android games available for you to purchase from Google Play. As August 2012 begins, lots of new additions are making their way to the Android Market (Play Store) with many developers coming out with brilliant, innovative and extremely creative ideas to make Android games a new-found art.

It can be hard deciding which apps to actually spend your hard-earned money on with some of these apps reaching up-to $20. This is where we come in… We will review all the latest games to simply short-list the;

top 10 best Android games till August 2012!


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10. Mass Effect Infiltrator


The PC and Console Sci-Fi hit, Mass Effect, finally makes its way to Android and iOS devices. The gameplay and graphics on this title are just awesome and EA totally lives up to its name. On the other hand, the game is plagued with lots of hanging and crashing issues which we hope the developers address quickly.

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9. Batman: The Dark Knight Rises


On par with the movie release, The Dark Knight Rises offers gamers extremely rich and fluid gameplay on their phones and tablets. It can be a bit laggy sometimes even on devices like the Nexus 7 but the sheer gameplay value the game offers has us ignoring those issues.

We make The Dark Knight Rises a must have for Android gamers and fans of the movie or Batman series in general.

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8. Asphalt 7


The adrenaline pumping Asphalt is back with another expansion, the seventh in the series, Asphalt: Heat. The game delivers must better graphics that its predecessors and lives up to the series name by delivering quality gameplay. Gameloft outdid themselves this time. Again, this game can be a bit choppy on low-end devices but if you have a high-end phone this game is a must have to show it off!

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7.  The Amazing Spider-Man


Another intense superhero action game pops up on Android and iOS devices. The Amazing Spider-Man definitely doesn’t disappoint. With great controls and superb visuals, this game makes you forget you are playing games on your mobile device. The game also features a decent story-line, where you take control of Spider-Man in New York City to fight the Lizards and stop them from accomplishing their evil schemes. A great casual action game if you are into this sort of stuff.

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6. Amazing Alex


Another very entertaining game from Rovio Mobile, creators of Angry Bird. Amazing Alex has you in a kid’s shoes who can turn anything into a great adventure with his toys (and I mean literally!). Be it cleaning his room or doing his mom’s chores.

A great  titles for fans of physics  and puzzle genre. Not as entertaining as Angry Birds but Amazing Alex is still keeping us busy with our devices.

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5. Minecraft Pocket Edition

We won’t be saying much about this one. Minecraft Pocket Edition is a pretty awesome port to Android phones and tablets all over. This is a game you should surely try, even if you are not one of the die-hard fans, which are in the millions by the way.

If love Minecraft or if you love building (creative) games, this one is for you!

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4. Mutant Roadkill

An amazing game where you have to dodge obstacles, drive over zombies and shoot zombies all while driving your SUV. The objective is to make is as far as possible without crashing your car or getting taken off the road by zombies. You can also access Online Leaderboards to compete with better players. Mutant Roadkill is our favorite zombie smashing game!

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 3. Temple Run

Temple-Run-iconIf you moved over from an Apple device and were missing Temple Run as a result of that, this is your time to rejoice! Temple Run has finally made its way over to the Android platform and is in our opinion a perfect port. The game works perfectly even on low-end devices with minimal lag issues. If you enjoy these sort of running games Temple Run should be on your device. We at Tech-Trip are definitely great fans of Temple Run. This shows how brilliant and detailed a game can be while being so simple. Be wary though, this game is very addictive.

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2. N.O.V.A. 3 (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance 3)


 If you are a fan of the Halo series, read no further, this game  is ripe for the taking! An amazing First-Person-Shooter with excellent multiplayer features on phones and tablets. The game also includes a brilliant story-line which will keep you engaged till you finish the game. To my surprise this game is simply one of the most brilliant looking games available for Android right now and paired with great gameplay, this game deserves a spot on every device!

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1. Ski Safari

We will let this video do the talking for Ski Safari. But first we will just say that this game is extremely addictive. That’s it from us have fun playing all these great games on your phone or tablet! 😉

The video cannot be shown at the moment. Please try again later.

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