Top 10 Android Games: November 2012

Added on November 27, 2012

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10. Wars Online

Anyone remember Worms? Wars Online isn’t exactly Worms but it will remind you a lot about it. A great online multiplayer action/battling game where you destroy players from around the world and then brag to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.

If you like multiplayer games with a ton of action, you shouldn’t miss out on the hit or miss Wars Online. Get it for free from Google Play.

9. Arcane Legends

One of the best RPGs we have played on Android devices, Arcane Legends is almost the first of it’s kind with online cooperative or competitive (PvP – Player versus Player) RPG. Being free this game shouldn’t need anymore description for RPG lovers let alone multiplayer game lovers. Get Arcane Legends for free from Google Play.


8. Triple Town

Triple Town is a very fun and original puzzle game where you try to grow your own tow from scratch. Strategy meets puzzle meets town building sim. A combination which can never fail! (Actually it can but this game doesn’t)

Beware of a friendly warning though, this game though very simple can be very addictive. You won’t realize but hours would have passed. Get it for free from Google Play.

7. Death Dome

Great gory battles and endless action mean this is as good a free game as it gets. Death Dome puts in a ravage society where anything and everything goes. You are the only one who can restore peace by enforcing brutality! A free game you shouldn’t miss out on, get it from Google Play.

6. Royal Revolt

A great mix of strategy and action gameplay will keep the fun flowing for hours with Royal Revolt. Minor issues such as the controls blocking the map do exist but doesn’t make the game unplayable and still provides great fun to gamers and will keep them coming back for more. Download Royal Revolt for free from Google Play.

5. Meganoid 2

A great little gem which reminds you a lot of the old Atari days and jumping over crocs. Meganoid 2 is as simple a platformer can get and still be extremely fun. If you are into brutal platform gaming then this game will be a good purchase!

4. Zombiewood

This game is a repeat from last month but if haven’t tried it yet please do yourself a favor and download it right away! It proves games like these are extremely must have if it weren’t for their micro-payment systems for the player to keep on playing. Maybe a hefty purchase price but not in the form of long-term ingame purchases.

3. Slot City

Love slots? Then get this game! Don’t forget to thank us through comments!

Slot City for Android

2. Need for Speed Most Wanted

EA Inc have did it again with Need for Speed Most Wanted. Followup to the very popular NFS Shift and Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted for Android devices mirrored the release for the console and PC counterpart of the game. It features great graphics and fluid racing physics which keep you coming back for more whenever your bored. Don’t forget to purchase this game from Google Play, well worth it! Especially if you are a user of Galaxy Note 2!

Need for Speed Most Wanted for Android

1. SHADOWGUN: DeadZone

SHADOWGUN: Deadzone is the multiplayer edition of the popular Tegra optimized game SHADOWGUN. Constant disconnections and lag issues do plague the game but it gets the number one spot for November because it still doesn’t cease to be extremely fun. Grab it from Google Play!

Be sure to let us know through comments if your Top 10 Android Games of November 2012 clicked with you!

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