Top 10 Best Android Games: May/June 2012

Added on May 24, 2012

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So you recently bought your shiny new Galaxy Note which just won’t fit in your palms or maybe you got yourself the sleek and sexy HTC One X boasting Nvidia’s new Tegra 3 Chipset, we are sure you must be craving to try out your new device’s potential with the latest and best android games that are available on the market today. Well this is your lucky day. Our list of Top 10 Best Android Games of 2012 will definite


Top 10 Android Games 2012


  • ShadowGun THD

(for Tegra Devices)

Genre: Third Person Shooter

The hottest new third-person-shooter released for Android Phones and Tablets which has a Gears of War feel to it. Very intense fights with decent AI, just the right difficulty and near perfect controls. Download ShadowGun THD


  • Demolition Inc THD

(for Tegra Devices)

Genre: Arcade / *Unlimited Demolition

Cause Destruction of massive proportions in this addictive arcade style classic. It will be hard for you to put your phone down with this one. A must grab! Download Demolition Inc THD for Android


  • Cut the Rope : Experiments

Genre: Physics / Puzzle

Cut the Rope Experiments is a very fun and mind boggling follow-up to the first version of the game. Without a question both these Physics based games are must have for Puzzle fans. Download Cut the Rope Experiments HD for Android


  • Machinarium

Genre: Puzzle / Adventure / Art / *Epic!

Beautiful. Elegant. Creative and words of mere importance when it comes to Machinarium. The creativity of the developers of this Android game has gone beyond the expectations of many. Get addicted to hours of mystery and fun in this little masterpiece of epic proportions. Download Machinarium for Android


  • Super Mario Brothers

Genre: Platformer / *Old School

The age old game you guys remember as it is. Super Mario Brothers now for all kinds of Android Phones and Android Tablets including the latest Samsung Galaxy Nexus. Download Super Mario Brothers for Android


  • BackStab HD

Genre: Third Person / Hack n Slash / Pirate

This is the game everyone wanting to be a pirate has been talking about. Interact with the 16th and 17th Century pirates as you go on a journey of massive proportions to clear your name of the crimes that you have wrongly been accused for. Download BackStab HD for Android


  • Real Racing 2

Genre: Racing Simulator

Have you played Gran Turismo on the PlayStation and Forza Motorsport on the Xbox? Well then Real Racing 2 is the game you shouldn’t miss out on. It is the best, single most realistic and visually impressive Racing Sim for Android devices. This game boasts extremely fine graphics, great performance and excellent controls on all Phones and Tablets. Download Real Racing 2 for Android


  • Metal Slug 2

Genre: Platform / Shooting

Another old-timer makes to to Android devices in 2012 and that is Metal Slug 2. This is the game enthusiasts have been waiting for, for months to be released for the Android platform. And now it is finally out. Indulge yourself in the same classic gameplay you have always loved about metal slug. Download Metal Slug 2 for Android


  • Drisk

Genre: Strategy

Loved playing the old PC Classic ‘Risk’? Well this is the exact same, well almost. This one has a few new game modes and a cool new multiplayer feature for Android devices. Well for are you waiting for? Download Drisk for Android


  • Street Fighter 4 (SF IV)

Genre: Arcade Fighting

The same Street Fighter 4 that was released for PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 is now out for all Android Phones and Tablets. The controls of this game are surprisingly smooth and very accurate for a fighting game. To think we could be a Joystick bashing game on our Touch-screens with such ease in 2012 was just a dream till a few years ago we all are living today. Download Street Fighter 4 for Android


Has 2012 been a boring year for you? Well no more! Just follow-up on the list of Top Best Android Games we just provided and you will have a kick-ass summer to come.


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