Top 10 Best Android Games: September 2012

Added on September 4, 2012

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Over the past few weeks we have seen the quantity and quality of Android games rise as more and more developers are optimizing their games for dual and quad core devices. This is bringing out the true quality and processing power of the high end phones we have available today.

This is our list of the top 10 best Android games of September 2012. It contains all the latest games for Android featuring many RPG and multiplayer Android games that released at the end of August and beginning of September 2012.


10. Burger by Magma Mobile

Burger is the casual game all us chefs have been wanting for ages. The joy of creating your own wonderful burgers anywhere you want!

This is the best waiting room game in our opinion and best of all it’s free so go grab it right now. Google Play: Click Here


9. Espgaluda II

A very addictive action packed shooter is how we describe this game. Even though we faced crashing issues this game was a lot of fun. If you love bullet hell shooters you are bound to love Espgaluda II! Google Play: Click Here


8. LandGrabbers

One of the best casual strategy games of the year, LandGrabbers lets you conquer land by winning fights against your enemies. If you like strategy games you should definitely try out LandGrabbers because it’s free. Google Play: Click Here


7. Defend the Bunker

Defend the Bunker has some the best elements of a tower defense games and also includes many original features like MMG, Flame thrower, Slower tower, Bomber Tower, Missile towers and Laser Tower to increase your defense.

If you like Tower Defense games Defend the Bunker becomes a must have! Google Play: Click Here


6. Empire War Heroes Return

Empire War Heroes Return is not just another strategy defense game. It features an action-packed story and great gameplay to match it. It is simply the most realistic offense / defense war game you can experience on your Android phone or tablet. It’s free download right away! Google Play: Click Here


5. Jelly Jump

Jelly Jump as described by a few as a “good time waster” lives up to that title. We found this game extremely addictive and very simple to get the hang of. Gameplay of a lot of previous games like Doodle Jump were merged to bring an even, yet more fun game. It can sometimes lag if you have a low-end device but that is very rare. It’s free grab it right away! Google Play: Click Here


4. Kingdom Royale

Social Warfare at it’s finest! Kingdom Royale introduces a new style of RPG gameplay for Android phone and tablet devices by letting you team up with your friends to take on your enemies. This can get extremely addictive nature and you keep on coming back for more.

If you like tactical action RPGs get Kingdom Royale, you will love it! Google Play: Click Here


3. Horn by Zynga

Exclusive mobile third person adventure game. Horn is a brilliant game with stunning visuals. The controls were very smooth and we had no issues controlling the player. The story was decently portrayed and interesting combat system kept the game from getting too repetitive. You have the option to roam freely as you wish just like many console games so that should keep you busy for a few hours at least. If you have a Tegra device the more reasons to get this game now because it is Tegra 2 and Tegra 3 optimized. Google Play: Click Here

2. Blood and Glory: Legend

The return of Blood and Glory with their sequel Blood and Glory: Legends is a great game to show the capability of your phone and tablets. The visuals of this game too are extremely brilliant. Very comparable to games on other portable consoles and handheld devices. An awesome God of War style gameplay is what has the game fixed at the number 2 position in our list. You can play this game free by downloading it from Google Play. Google Play: Click Here

1. Spirits by Spaces of Play

This little gem made our top of the list because of it’s simplicity yet addictive gameplay of the game. The futuristic abstract style of the game made us adore it. We have only seen a few games come close to the creativity of this one.

This game had us hooked for hours and we are sure you will love this amazing game with such a brand new abstract artistic concept. Google Play: Click Here

That was our list of the top 10 best Android games of September 2012, hope you enjoyed it. Do let us know what you think through comments. Any suggestions are always welcome!

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